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About Our Products

Our products are made with an outdoor polyester material(Surlast), which is 600X600 Denier and 100% solution dyed. It has a urethane back coating which makes it more water resistant, will not scratch surfaces, and adds dimensional stability. We use 1” polypropylene strapping with 1” quick release side buckles and outdoor polyester thread to create a long lasting product. Also, we would like to note that our product is “Proudly – Made in the USA”.

Covers are held in place with straps and quick release buckles, which you don’t see when covers are in place but provide a secure fit. Instructions for installation included in shipment. Set includes both port and starboard side covers and optional step covers if equipped.

Our covers are so unique that we own Multiple Patents.


  • Protect fenders from elements (UV, rain, environmental pollutions, bird droppings, sap, etc).
  • Protect tires and rims from same elements.
  • Fiberglass models, protection is provided for step well rubber inserts as well. They don’t crack and fade from use but from the elements mentioned above.
  • Lightweight for easy use and storage.
  • Easy on and off with quick release buckles.
  • Greatly improves resale value.
  • Fiberglass models – access to boat is made easy by unbuckling front or rear straps and pulling back to gain access without removing cover.
  • Fiberglass models with fiberglass front step, sets available that include cover for step.
  • Serves, as a theft deterrent. High end boats have really sharp wheels now and if you can’t see it you don’t know it’s there to take.
  • Currently offered in colors of light GREY and BLACK.
  • Last but not least, they look good on your boat trailer and compliment the boat and motor covers.


Material can be washed or brushed off and rinsed. Proper care and cleaning is important to the life of the fabric.


Covers are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship for one year from date of purchase. We will repair or issue a new set (at the discretion of D & H Designs, LLC) of the product free of charge, within this time if failure is determined to be in our workmanship. Proof of purchase with date is required. The warranty does not cover normal wear or damage caused by modification, abuse, or misuse. We would like to stress that these covers are for storage purposes only and are not for travel. Movement of trailer with covers in place can cause damage to products and void warranty.

Material has a five year limited warranty under normal usage from manufacturer with proof of purchase.