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About Us

A few years back I purchased a new boat that would fit into my garage but that was pretty much it, due to having to take up both bays. So most of the fishing season the boat stays in the driveway. I purchased a nice boat cover and a motor cover to protect my investment from the elements. After a while, I found that something had created a blemish on my trailer fender. Also, realizing the results that the elements have on tires I decided that I needed a cover for both the fender and tires to protect them, just as I do with my boat. I went out to purchase such a product to find that I could not buy an item of this nature. After some thought I decided that I knew what I went to buy and couldn’t, so I decided to make my own covers. Well during this process it hit me that there were other fellow boaters encountering the same situation of protecting their investment, thus the beginning of MarineTrailerSavers™.

Boat trailers have evolved over the past years for many of the high end boats available on the market today and especially for Bass boats. Many styles of boats today have fiberglass fenders that match the boat, which really adds a finished look to the package and looks sharp. Unfortunately, we have all seen these boats where the boat looks fantastic and the fenders on the trailer have faded. Boat was covered but trailer fender and tires just cooked. Well now you can keep the trailer fenders and tires looking just as good as the boat with the product we have to offer you. We also make covers for boat trailers with metal fenders since we know the elements they face can also affect their appearance. I know this because my boat trailer is a tandem axle with metal fenders and that’s where this all started.

Our covers are made as exact fits for their given styles and fit only that style. We have designs for many Bass boats that have fiberglass fenders and metal fenders. Bass boat trailers equipped with front step of fiberglass, we also include cover for these with set. They receive the same elements exposure as the fenders. Bass boats are our primary style that we make but the metal styles are found with many brands of sport boats.

We are a new company that has developed and perfected our product over several years of trial and error. Our final products reflect everything that I would expect to get if I purchased a set of them. We buy all of our materials from US companies and our products are hand-made with detail given to every step to assure the best quality possible.

We realize there will be some that will not see the value in our product, but we are confident that there are many that will. We pay a lot for these rigs and spend a lot time and money to keep them running and looking nice. Our covers will add the final touch to maintaining the looks of your package. Your boat and matching trailer will maintain their original look together. If you sell every few years and repurchase, or if you keep it for many years, our covers will increase your re-sale value and enhance the life and looks of your boat package.

If you have questions, please contact us. We will respond as quickly as possible.