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Thank you for visiting our website. We have a very unique item that we call MarineTrailerSavers™, which are boat trailer fender/tire storage, covers.

You can cover the trailer fender and tire at the same time with ease and protect them from the elements as you do with your boat and motor.

We make exact fit covers for high end Bass boat trailers with fiberglass fenders for both single and tandem axle styles.

We also make exact fit covers for several boat trailers with metal fenders with tandem axles, which are found under many high end Bass boats today and many Sport boats.

So protect that investment... You can purchase our products today by visiting our Ebay Store!
contact us for more information and we will be glad to help in any way we can...



  • We have been looking for a product like this for our boat for a number of years. On our last Ranger 620 we had some sun damage on our fenders and started using rugs to cover them up. Your product will keep the fenders on our new 620 looking as good as the boat. Great product! Super happy with my purchase! Item exactly as described and really fast delivery

  • I have spent alot of money on my boat and trailer and want to protect it as much as possible. This is a great product.

  • I keep a boat around 3 to 5 years, sell and buy a new one. This product will keep my fenders looking as good as the boat and add to my resale value.

  • Exactly as described. Great quality, fits awesome, would recommend, A++